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an s6k Blipvert: an 1800 Colonial Williamsburg Experience

There's a new [to me] commercial advertising tourism in Colonial
Williamsburg, PA, US. The version I saw featured a young, White child
imagining himself in the image of the 1800's he's been programmed
with. He envisioned chopping wood, being a valiant pilgram, log cabins
and such.

Now I blinked for a quick minute and thought; I know that they don't
just means pasific peeple but everebody. So I's started thinking my
own 1800's ekspereece. I's thinkin bout choppin' wood, pikin cottin,
finin my chans to run, and my wife beeng raped or sold, or both, by
"massa." Thinkin Id be beetin jus fo reedin ans ritin. Thinkin of the
cracker (from the original use of the word; cracker; the person who is
in charge of whipping.) i.e. Go call the cracker to whip this unruly
nigger. (from the original use of the word; nigger; anything with dark
skin.) I's thinkin bout the teers I coodent cry. There aint nothin
good bout the 1800's to me.

The 1800 was a time when relations between Black people was tenuous
and fragmented. Blacks were highly illiterate, in comparison to the
larger society. Most areas that were predominantly Black were
blighted, i.e. slave quarters.

200 years later, we still have problems relating to each other. We are
still plagued with an undereducated state of being, in comparison to
the larger society. And...still most areas that are predominantly
Black are blighted, i.e. projects (urban), slums (suburban & rural).

Now that I've had my flashback, I'd have to say that their little
theme dreem (sorry, forgot where I was. LOL) dream isn't for me.

Peaceness and Sledgehammers,
Darryl Hell
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