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arts_9/11: How Do You Know What You Know? Exhibit ends Tonight

9/11: How Do You Know What You Know?
an informational artivist media window installation
created by Darryl Hell/s6k Entertainment
presented by chashama Arts, NYC chashama.org

installation curators 7734 & Luis Colon
open for viewing
9/11/05 8:45am - 9:11pm 9/12 thru 9/15 11am - 6pm
266 W37th St. (btwn 7th & 8th aves.) @ 8th Ave., New York City

---------> ENDS ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT 9:11pm <---------
attended Thurs by 7734 and Luis Colon 5:30pm to 9:11pm
complimentary wine Thurs 7pm to closing

It's been 4 years since the day and we are no closer to having the
myriad of questions from republicans, democrats, conservatives,
liberals, government officials, scientists, and more answered.

For instance:
What did the NYC Firefighters mean when they talked about numerous
"secondary explosions" before the buildings fell? Why is the US
Government refusing to release the complete security camera tape of
the Pentagon strike? Why was Osama Bin Laden writing with his right
hand in his "confession video" when the FBI profile states that he's
left handed?

Once you've critically and clinically gone over the verifiable
documentation, without bias of political affiliation, you'll certainly
wonder why you've read so many articles and seen so many news stories,
and yet probably had no knowledge of the many questions verifiable
documentation of the events present.

This installation is dedicated to the 24,495 to 27,705 verifiably dead
Iraqi civilians, nearly 2000 dead US soldiers, many dead journalists,
2,996 dead US civilians, 15,000 to 42,500 wounded US soldiers,
hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqi soldiers, millions of injured
Iraqi civilians, approximately 10,424,535 traumatized Iraqi children,
and everyone that is connected to them...blood family and human

Loose Change ...the most provocative 9-11 documentary on the market
today. Evidence is derived from news footage, scientific testimony,
and most important, Americans who suffered through that tragic day. It
is the duty of every American to view this film.

Operation Northwoods was a series of strategic plans drawn up in the
early 1960's during the Kennedy administration by the Defense
Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff to create an international
incident. The stated goal was to invade Cuba after world opinion was
swayed by a number of tragic incidents, real and perceived, which
would be caused by the US government, but made to look as if it were
the result of aggression by the USSR and Cuba. For years people fought
using Freedom of Information Act requests to have it be available to
all of us.

Also features data from the Real University News Archive. www.s6k.com

----->adjunct exhibition links<-----
Loose Change [documentary] free video link
(scroll down to the Loose Change download links.)

Operation Northwoods

9/11 Hijackers; Identities of four [or more] of the
19 accused suicide pilots are now in doubt

Family Steering Committe for the 9/11 Independent Commission

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Questions Donald Rumsfeld about 9/11

s6k.com [artivism with no bounds] email us: contact@s6k.com
We Pay Attention to the People who Pay Attention.
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