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s6k Presents Another State of the State of the Union

Many Americans, even liberals, have stated that the economy is mostly doing okay except in certain areas; ghettos, rural areas and such. This flies in the face of any factual accounting...even from the unaffected government officials themselves.

Most of the economic indicators quoted in the mainstream media focus on Gross Domestic Product [G.D.P.] and the National Unemployment Rate. We believe that neither of these prove to be accurate indicators.

The most accurate and egalitarian forecasting devices, to us, are the National Foreclosure Rate and the National Personal Savings Rate. Both of these describe people on many sides of the economic scale.

Foreclosures [having to forfeit your home because you can no longer afford it] are escalating at a dangerous rate and the US has a negative National Personal Savings Rate [the amount of money you have left over after expenses]. Both of these indicators are exasterbated by the growth of personal debt and the ever rising trend of layoffs, downsizing and forced retirement.

None of the promises you will hear during the "State of the Union" speech will address these issues head on. They may be mentioned as mere economic speed bumps... but not serious national issues that demand immediate attention.

Below are 3 links that illustrate in detail what our true State of the Union is. If you take a bit of time to check these out [they're very digestible exposes'], you'll be armed for the discussions you will most certainly have at the worksite, in the office, the breakroom and the bedroom.

---> Americans Saving Less than Nothing:
Spending could outstrip income in 2005, which hasn't happened since the Depression

---> Personal Savings rate graph

---> A Bane Amid The Housing Boom: Rising Foreclosures

sektor 6 kommunikations is dedicated to providing you with thoughtful, egalitarian perspectives without "liberal" or "conservative' biases. We are extreme lovers of independently verifiable documention. We believe that we would be a disservice to you if we were to provide our opinion and just ask you to believe us. Our only mission is to find and expose the truth as we, and you, can verify it.

Please feel free to scrutinize, provide us with alternative information and the like. We are only as strong as the information network we share with you. We thank you for your time and continued support.

Peaceness and Sledgehammers,
Darryl Hell
President and Founder of sektor 6 kommunikations
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