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Our mission is to focus on the inextricably bound elements of art and social commentary to envision a more empathetic, understanding and aware mass culture. We supply the tools to do this in the form of innovative educational strategies, information centralization, grass roots community betterment initiatives, and event production. By creating and stimulating the creation of a broad array of resource sharing arrangements, we aim to assist others in their personal objectives in art and direct social action... continued at http://www.s6k.com/mission.htm
adolescents, amp, aphex twin, armand demille, bauhaus, bill moyers, billy bragg, black radio stations (pre-1980), blondie (1st 3-lp's), bmx freestyle, bob marley, buckminster fuller, bugs bunny, chuck chillout, consolidated, cspan, curtis mayfield, cynthia mckinney, dave grau, dead kennedy's, devo, dj denard, dj squirrel, dj's cycles, dr. demento, earth wind and fire, edgar winter group, edmund pettus bridge confrontation, einstürzende neubauten, ella baker, emergency broadcast network, emerson lake & palmer, emil beaulieau, empirical evidence, eric b. & rakim, fannie lou hamer, fear, frank zappa, freedom of information act, gang of four, gary null, george carlin, gil noble, greg palast, harlem renaissance, harry houdini, home care health workers, human rights workers-activists-artivists, james brown, janis joplin, jerry franklin, jimi hendricks, joy division, killing joke, kim cascone, kiss (to dynasty), kraftwerk, krs-one, lassigue bendthause, laurie anderson, led zeppelin, lightening bolt, m.d.c., malcolm x, mark yard, max headroom, meat beat manifesto, merzbow, meshuggah, michael moore, miles davis (his vision), mlk, muhammad ali, new model army, noam chomsky, non-aggression pact, not band), nurse with wound, p.o.v., parliament funkadelic, pbs, pneumatic detach, public enemy, pullman porters, queen (1st 4-lp's), ralph nader, richard pryor, rock world tv, rush, salvador dali, selected shorts, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, square pusher, stanley jordan, stanley milgram, stevie wonder, survival research laboratories, t.s.o.l, tackhead, the b-52's (1st 2-lp's), the beastie boys, the beatnigs, the black panthers, the buzzcocks, the chromags, the church commission, the cure, the damned, the exorcist (the original), the mollin commission, the police (1st 2-lp's), the psychedelic furs, the simpson's, the weather underground, this american life, tiananmen square, tyrone thomas, underpaid domestic workers, van halen (1st 4-lp's), venetian snares, wbai fm, william s. burroughs, x